Duchess — white gold sapphire earrings
$2 340
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SKU: 2071

Duchess — white gold sapphire earrings

$2 340
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White 14K gold
Sapphire 5 mm — 2 pcs.
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A great modern philosopher said that a woman in love can inspire a man for the heights he never even dreamed of. And she won’t ask for anything in return. All she needs is love and that’s her natural right. 

A woman is both angel and elf in a human face. She is tender, unordinary, mysterious and at the same time brings simple and warm feelings towards the world where she lives. And yes, women are constantly under the power of love and gentleness, because they give it completely to others.

The earrings from the «Duchess» collection were created for beautiful women, because who else could this incredible jewellery be devoted to?

These earrings are made of white gold, and its surface is covered with a stylish authentic pattern. This picture is complemented by precious natural sapphires, which were designed to reflect the brilliance of happiness in women’s eyes.