Duchess — earrings made of silver, yellow gold and topazes
SKU: 1699
SKU: 1699

Duchess — earrings made of silver, yellow gold and topazes

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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Topaz 5 mm — 2 pcs.
~ 4,5 g
Height — 16 mm, width — 7 mm
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Beauty is an element. It guides the world’s ebbs and flows just as an ocean guides the movements of the winds and currents. Beauty is the daughter of Poseidon suspended in an endless expanse of turquoise: huge and terrific waves do not diminish its greatness. They serve as evidence of it.

Beauty is the shadow of Venus. With pure, coral eyes she delights even the hardest of hearts. Beauty is the curl of Pandora’s eyelashes. Her face may be open to the world, but millions of secrets hide under the cover of her gaze.

Beauty is a value that our consciousness has endowed to the world. Beauty can be seen in a dark, faceless storm as well as in the amber dawn that follows. It can be seen in small wrinkles around the eyes and in the impeccable smoothness of the hands, in cold and in flames, in good and in evil.

Beauty knows no boundaries. It is the limit that defines the entire material world. It is incomprehensible, captivating, and dissonant.

How often do we find what is beautiful to others to be wholly unattractive? The Mona Lisa has a vaguely gentle wandering smile, but can it be compared to the landscape of the Alps or the turquoise surface of Lake Como?

Beauty does not constrain itself with definitions. It has the power to determine what is true and what is not.

We have created a source of beauty and inspiration for you, a Venus in miniature, a «Duchess» in earrings. We named the collection «Duchess» so that a woman could feel desirable and powerful in any of its pieces, so that the energy of earrings would lend her even more confidence in her beauty and uniqueness.

The vintage silver pattern blends harmoniously with pale blue topaz and golden English clasps. A convergence of tenderness and spiritual balance in one piece.