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How to take care for your glossy and matte jewellery
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How to take care of glossy and matte jewelry? Get ready to learn about the magical world of jewelry and touch its beauty, which can be preserved for a long time with proper care and thoughtful choice.

Together to Victory: report on donations in 2023
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All donations matter! A detailed overview of our brand's charitable contributions to support the military throughout the year. Together we do more — join us. Read more in the post.

Kochut wedding rings: the choice of the brand founders
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Personal stories of the brand's founders about their wedding rings. Find out what details, colors, and shapes they chose, and why these jewelry pieces became the embodiment of their own vision of love.

From millimeter to inch: dimensional conformity tables
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Size matters? We know it is!

In this article, we will look at the ring size conformity tables that will help you understand the relationship between different measurement systems. You will learn how to choose a ring comfortably and accurately.

TOP-5 jewelry of 2022 according to you
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Find out the TOP-5 jewelry Kochut made this year. Pendants and rings that won the hearts of more than one client.

History of the Kochut brand
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The Ukrainian brand Kochut was founded in 2013 in Uzhhorod by three brothers, Yuriy, Roman and Ihor. The brand is engaged in the production of jewelry, and a few years ago another area of development appeared - products made of wood and epoxy resin.

Competition "The best sketch: Inspired by nature"
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We announce the start of the third competition for the best jewellery sketch.

Sketch competition "With love, from life": we help the "Tabletochki" fund
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Sketch competition, which resulted in the production of 5 jewelry and raised funds to help children with cancer. More details are in the blog.

The contest "The best sketch 2020"
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Find out how the winners of the Best Sketch 2020 competition were awarded.

How to choose an engagement ring
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Choosing an engagement ring is often not easy. Particularly for those who want to find an exceptional piece of jewelry that would absolutely blow her mind. If You are among those who treat choosing a ring with great care, then we will help You make the right choice.