Info: answers to your questions


Before ordering it is important to find out the exact size of the ring. 

We recommend several ways TO DETERMINE THE RING SIZE: 

1. JEWELLERY WORKSHOP. Find out the size of ring in the nearest jewelry store. In this case, experienced masters with the appropriate equipment will accurately indicate the required size. 

2. JEWELLERY SHOP. Another way to find out your finger size is to visit a local jewellery store and try out the rings there, but sometimes there are possible mistakes in this way. 

3. YOUR CURRENT RING. If you already have a comfortable ring, you can measure the inside diameter of this ring to find out its size. 


You have a set of different convenient ways for you to place an order: 

1. SITE. Make an order on our site in the shop section ( 

2. TELEPHONE. Call us at the multi-channel number +38(044)499 50 20 or +38(097)560 53 36 (Viber). 

3. SOCIAL NETWORKS. In addition, you can write us on any of the following social networks: 




4. OUR WORKSHOP. If you are in Uzhgorod you can visit our workshop, where you can place an order on the spot. For your convenience, visits to the workshop are done by appointment.


1. CHOOSE THE PRODUCT. Choose the model and make the order inconvenient way described above. 

2. PREPAYMENT. After clarifying and confirming all order details, you send us a 50% of prepayment and we start manufacturing. 

3. PRODUCTION TIME. The average production time for gold and platinum jewelry is 25 working days. The production time for jewelry made of silver and silver-gold combination is 2-3 months.

4. READY PRODUCT. When we finished, we will contact you to clarify the payment method of the remaining amount and the method by which the product will be received.


— We deliver by airmail.

— An order is sent after payment confirmation. 

— Delivery time depends on the recipient country, about 15-20 working days. 

— Orders received during weekends and holidays are processed the next business day.