Frequently asked questions from customers (Q/A)


How long does it take to create made-to-order jewellery?

The average production time for gold and platinum jewelry is 25 working days. The production time for jewelry made of silver and silver-gold combination is 2-3 months. Our managers inform you about any changes in terms or possible delays when placing an order.

Individual orders are executed in several stages within 1.5 - 2 months: discussion of design, creation of a sketch or model and manufacturing in metal.

Is it possible to order engraving on jewelry?

Of course!!! However, not every jewelry can be engraved, so we discuss each case individually. Below is the cost of engraving ONE piece of jewelry:
- 1 letter — $5
- 1 word/date — $10
- 1 phrase (from several words) — $15
- 1 symbol or image — $30

Is it possible to make a certain model from another metal or with another gemstone?

Yes, you can order a variation of our existing models. For example, choose a different metal, coating or gemstone (provided that the size and shape of the stone does not changed). 

Do you make jewelry from metals provided by customers?

Unfortunately, some technical limitations do not allow us to produce jewelry from metals provided by our customers.
One example of a limiting factor is that the total weight of the metal required for production can be 3-4 times heavier than the weight of the metal provided by the customer.
We accept 14K and 18K gold as scrap, which can offset a part of the cost of the selected jewelry, and all products are made ONLY from our own, pure alloy.

Do you make jewelry with stones provided by customers?

Yes, we make jewelry with stones provided by our customers. However, this is not a universal rule, and exceptions are possible. Our managers will always be happy to advise you on the possibility of creating an individual product!


What to do if the ordered size does not fit?

Most of our models are not subject to resizing, but in some cases we can change the size of the ring or make a new ring (these services are paid if the size discrepancy is not a manufacturing defect).
We recommend to learn the most reliable ways to determine the size of your finger before buying, we can also send you a finger gauge. If you order a ring as a gift and do not have the opportunity to accurately measure the size of the ring,we recommend you to check the possibility of increasing / decreasing of selected product and the possibility of returning the jewelry if necessary before the order.

How much does it cost to repair/resize?

The cost of repair depends on the reason of the damage. We can only determine the exact cost of repair after physically inspecting the product in our workshop.
The cost of resizing depends on the model (if the model is subject to resizing at all).

Why did my silver/my finger get dirty?

Silver oxidation is the reaction of the metal to the skin and the environment. Silver can also turn black as a result of contact with "aggressive" substances such as detergents, varnishes and creams, so we recommend reading our blog about the care and quality operation of jewelry.
To prevent darkening of silver, the jewelry can be covered with white rhodium.

What to do if a stone falls out or the product is damaged?

First of all - contact us :) If the damage occurred due to a manufacturing defect - repair work is free of charge. If the damage occurred for other reasons, we are ready to inspect and repair jewelry for an additional fee.  and is determined in each case individually.

Are your prices higher abroad?

Yes, our prices abroad are higher. This is due to our partner showrooms in Europe and the USA.
The international price is the minimum cost-effective price for our partners, taking into account all transportation costs, payment of all necessary documents and certificates, rent payments, taxes, salaries, etc.

How can I trust the quality of your products?

From a home workshop we have grown into a brand that sells jewelry both in Ukraine and around the world. Our partners in the USA, Czech Republic, Germany, England and other European countries confirm the quality of our products, which fully comply with international standards. Also, you can see independent reviews in our social networks or find them on other platforms.
Each product undergoes strict quality control before it is put up for sale or sent to the customers.

Do you provide certificates for your stones?

In our products, we use only natural stones that are tested by professional gemologists whom we trust.
If you need a stone in your jewelry to be certified, please inform us about it when placing an order. Our managers can select stones with both international GIA or HRD certificates and regional ones. You can also take the opportunity to certify the stone in the Ukrainian State Gemological Center (USGC). The certification service is paid and may slightly affect the production time.

Payment and delivery

How much does the delivery cost?

Delivery in Ukraine is FREE. The cost of delivery abroad is determined by the carrier's tariffs (Ukrposhta, EMS).

Do you deliver worldwide? If yes, what is the delivery time?

Yes, we ship to any corner of the world, except Russia and Belarus. Delivery to Europe takes about 2-3 weeks, delivery to the USA - 3-4 weeks, delivery to all other countries - up to 6 weeks.