Jewellery warranty conditions

We offer 1-year warranty* on jewellery with manufacturing defects purchased at Kochut Brothers.

*manufacturing defect: crack exceeding 1mm; inclusion of more than 1mm;

The warranty does not cover white rhodium, black rhodium, oxidation, gilding and other platings.

The warranty does not apply in cases of:

— Polishing of the external surfaces and elements;

— Deformed jewellery;

— Jewellery with deviation from the standard geometric shape;

— Jewellery with mechanical damage caused by falling;

— Broken jewellery (intentionally damaged);

— Jewellery being repaired by a 3rd party or craftsmen;

The customer/user of jewellery acknowledges and accepts the following facts:

1. Jewellery in the process of wearing may contact with other objects that leave marks in the character of abrasions, scratches, chips, dents, micro-cuts and other damage, both on the metal and insert parts. This process begins instantly from the first time of jewellery using. Each person has a different intensity of an item using.

2. Under external pressure, jewellery can become deformed (bent).

3. In silver jewellery covered with white rhodium, in places where the coating will wear off, the silver may darken.

4. A true (yellowish) shade of white gold will be visible in places where the white rhodium (or other) plating becomes erased.

5. Ornaments, patterns and forged textures can be erased during wearing. 

6. Jewellery elements that hold the insert may be damaged during wearing, resulting in possible loss of the insert.

7. The weight of the jewellery may reduce during wearing, which is natural and typical for all jewellery. If necessary, we are ready to repair the jewellery, if possible. In case of any necessary repair required, we are ready to make after examining if the repair does or does not fall within the bounds of the warranty.