Mokume gane jewelry: history and modernity

Mokume-gane jewelry by Kochut

As Lao-Tzu said, - the path of a thousand kilometers begins with one step. But this is the most important and fundamental step. We have been engaged in jewelry art for many years, and our way continues all the time. Once we decided to take another step - the study of incredible Japanese mokume-gane technology.

Translated from Japanese  mokume-gane means "metal with a wooden texture," and one of the variations of the translation is "cloud metal." This is an ancient Japanese technique in which masters made samurai swords, knives and other types of cold steel. We studied this technique, which was unknown to Europe until the XIX century, especially in order to create for you the most unusual and unique ornaments. Most likely, you will not find them in ordinary jewelry stores and workshops.

Using this technique, we connect multi-colored metals and create an incredible decorative pattern, similar to the texture of wood. As a result of layering and fusion of several metals, an integral composition is created, very beautiful and unlike traditional ornaments.

We use mokume-gane to make rings, wedding rings, pendants, earrings and other jewelry. The union of nature, art and technology is the real goal that we want to realize in any piece of jewelry.