A symphony in metal ...

... this occurs when the chemical elements generated by Nature countless years ago in the abyss of the Universe’s unknowable past emerge and make themselves known to us. It is when they slowly melt under the heat of a flame to form alloys of precious metals. It is when they acquire forms, colours and scope under the guidance of an expert hand. To become truly exceptional, they are subjected to enormous mechanical stress, blows from steel and the tortuous manipulations of the jeweller's tools. It is when, at long last, a piece’s essence is revealed, the sum of all of its gradual transformations, deformations, mutations and structural alterations, both molecular and superficial. This is how gold is tempered. This is how we do what we have loved to do for a long time, even before we realized it.

Epic stories in every detail

“Inspiration lends its strength to people and brings them a sense of fulfilment by offering the opportunity to dedicate oneself to a cause that evokes wonderous emotions and creates unforgettable moments in life.” - the Kochut brothers.

This Season's Novelties

Ring «Love of the shrew». White gold, tsavorite, diamonds, white rhodium

Our Advantages

Individualized Approach
Experience an individualized approach to each order with the ability to track your purchase at each stage of production.
Finished Jewellery
We have a wide range of jewellery available for purchase today, which means you don’t have to wait for a piece to be finished to acquire something extraordinary. The larger part of our stock consists of pendants and various models of rings. These pieces are marked as “In Stock” on our online jewellery store.
Inimitable Works
All our jewellery is hand-crafted and designed using either 3D modelling or wax casting to ensure workmanship of exceptional quality as well as a unique feel and look for each product.

Brand History

Our path as jewellers is a search for novelty that has been going on for nine years. We are still unsure as to what led us three brothers to make a workshop at home in 2011 and come together to make something that could be called jewellery. Smooth fingers whose prints were long sanded away intuitively melded disparate metals and stones. Bold imagination drew wildly unfamiliar sketches that had never been seen before in the world of jewellery. We thought it was fantastical to take the thing that is most precious in nature and create from it something for the most precious thing in the world - humankind.
Incidentally, while we’re on the subject of people, we have a truly amazing team that now prepares products for people around the world from our workshop in a small Ukrainian town. We have thousands of subscribers on social networks as well as partners abroad. All of these people are overflowing with the main ingredients of our products - freedom and love."

Just as artists place their signatures on their paintings, so must the jeweller position and present the pieces they create as a part of themself.

Yuriy Kochut

Jewellery to order

KOCHUT jewelry is made by hand, starting with 3D modeling or using wax, which ensures high quality workmanship and uniqueness of each product

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From home workshop in Uzhhorod to showroom in New Jersey
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