Duchess — silver earrings with rubies
SKU: 4036
SKU: 4036

Duchess — silver earrings with rubies

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Sterling Silver
Rubie of 5 mm — 2 pcs.
~ 4,1 g
Height — 15.5 mm, width — 7 mm
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Have you ever seen «The Duchess» with the incomparable Kiera Knightley? We believe that these earrings would have been a perfect match for her in that role. What do you think? 

The «Duchess» earrings will make any woman feel like a late XIX century noble, dancing at a lavish ball in a lush silk dress. Picture your long hair gathered in a high updo, your nose adorned with white powder and bold eyelashes that embrace the world through your gaze.

Few pieces known to mankind can match the beauty of a woman. Women lend balance, the sacrament of love and the tenderness of passion to any space they find themselves in. You can find worlds and oceans, planets and galaxies in a woman, for women were created by Nature herself to perpetuate her beauty.

The great Harriet Beecher Stowe put it rather plainly: «women are the true architects of society.» ©

These earrings from the «Duchess» collection are made of silver and adorned with mysterious rubies. Their vintage style and elegantly dark stones have the ability to captivate any heart.