The Mobius ribbon: wide — wedding ring made of white gold covered with white rhodium
$2 028
SKU: 5610-2
SKU: 5610-2

The Mobius ribbon: wide — wedding ring made of white gold covered with white rhodium

$2 028
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14k White Gold
Base width:
~ 4.4 mm
White rhodium
The final cost depends on the weight and size of the jewelry.
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What is life?

Is it a state or a movement, a flight or a dance of the soul? Are we observers or protagonists among a million stars?

Such a simple and such a complex question at the same time.

One thing is for sure: life spins in continuous circles, changing shapes and colors, climbing peaks, going through sharp turns, but never stopping. From the first steps, each of us embarks on our own path. Changing and transforming, as if in a magical dance, where each movement is a new stage in the cycle of life.

As the Earth revolves around the Sun, so do we revolve around the ribbon of our destiny.

At the beginning of the journey, we are uncertain, learning, growing, and trying to understand ourselves and the world. We are trying something new, challenging ourselves, and building our own pillars. Our path is the movement of a straight line with one side and only one edge.

But over time, the line rises up, misleads, and creates obstacles. We are intertwined in a whirlwind of change, where each revolution is a new discovery, a new opportunity. Sometimes the path seems confusing, like a loop: each revolution imperceptibly leads to the next. Our life is like one of the most interesting properties of a Mobius tape, we are moving in one direction and always returning to our beginning. But already changed, hardened, with their own views and values. Others after every turn. Different after each new beginning.

In this movement, we reveal our true essence, find the depth of our soul and wisdom. Our journey is endless, but in each cycle we are getting closer to true self-knowledge.

Life is a continuous process. And movement in it is the engine that drives change..

All our lives we can move in a straight line. Or we can have ups and downs. But without movement, we will never be able to understand who we really are, where our beginnings were, what our essence is.

It is a constant transformation, an ongoing dance of change and discovery that gives you the opportunity to discover your true nature and find peace in the endless spin of time. There are no limits to a journey that has no end, because, no matter how you look at it, you always return to your true self.

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