Mobius Forest Ribbon — wedding ring made of white gold, coated with black rhodium
$1 641
SKU: 5813-2
SKU: 5813-2

Mobius Forest Ribbon — wedding ring made of white gold, coated with black rhodium

$1 641
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White 14K gold
Black rhodium
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Once upon a time, the German astronomer and mathematician August Ferdinand Mobius took a paper ribbon, turned its end 180 degrees, and glued it to the other end. That's how the famous Mobius ribbon appeared - a three-dimensional surface that snaked around and connected the end to the beginning. 

Everything ingenious is simple, isn't it? 

There is something incredible about the way incomprehensible things appear unpretentiously, which are both simple and intricate.

There is unpretentiousness in it, and complexity along with it. Because that's the magic of a one-way route: always returning to the beginning.

Why not consider this brilliant creation to be a reflection of our world, of a person, of every phenomenon? After all, this is the balance of existence, when we need to look much deeper into everything that happens to us, to see the other side... 

Strive forward and discover worlds, but do not forget your roots. No matter what hell you fall into, try to see heaven. While enjoying victory, remember those who have suffered the bitterness of defeat.

Being at the peak of success, inspired by your courage, a comet rising into the sky, 

remember that we all started from nothing, and don't you dare lose your humanity.

And just like when you are at the bottom, know that your way up is in front of you, even if it is difficult - choose to move again (and you will not be mistaken!). 

And just when you think you've cracked the password of the universe and reached the top, your desire for infinity brings you back to your starting point. The higher you go, the more you want to return to where you started, even for a moment. 

The Mobius Ribbon is our path, our road of travel, which has no end, no limits, but no matter how you turn it, you always return to yourself, to the dictates of your soul, to the beginning.

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