Waves of love — wedding ring made of palladium gold
$1 620
SKU: 6078
SKU: 6078

Waves of love — wedding ring made of palladium gold

$1 620
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Palladium 14K gold
Base width:
~ 4 mm
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Why is love the most beautiful feeling in the world? Because true love is always a creation, not destruction. 

True love is fundamental. It makes no doubts, does not hide in shadows, and remembers the source of its power. Real love connects souls like the sun embracing the earth. True love calls but never begs.

Love is like a wave in the ocean. It appears at one point and affects the whole world by its powerful mechanical flow. 

Love emerges in one’s heart and finds its home in the mind. Contemplation about love, trust, loyalty, friendship and sincerity. All our thoughts we show because of love, make our lives brighter, the people around us kinder and the events happier.

Don’t be afraid to love. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings. Don’t be afraid to see yourself in love.

The «Waives of Love» wedding ring — your personal reminder that life is wonderful when it has a place for true feelings. When changeable faith meets the greatest power on the planet. And then the whole world is at your feet. There is no other way. Believe us.

Palladium gold. The outer side is made by hand to get this unusual authentic texture. 

The final cost depends on the size and weight.

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