Rain song — earrings made of yellow gold
$1 110
SKU: 4367
SKU: 4367

Rain song — earrings made of yellow gold

$1 110
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14k yellow gold
Height 10 mm

What a luck that he had nowhere to go. That he never changed his way. And he fell as much as he wanted, giving away all his freshness. And how great it is that he kept on moving. So confident, generous, and charismatic. Absolutely accurate, knocking on windows, looking into the eyes of the flowers, hugged the green trees.

He simply recorded his tune at his best. The one who has ever seen him realized the depth of little dews and freedom of the vast ocean. And anyone who heard his song knows that life is so colourful. 

The grass shook it off and everything around exhaled the melody of rain. Step by step, dancing around, losing a sense of reality and unconcern, the rain gently murmured his lovesong, flowing down the face of his flower.

If jewellery cannot be a masterpiece where the time stopped, then what else could it be on this gold canvas? The «Rain Song» earbuds — since the meaning of the melody of nature.

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