SKU: 1694

Ring «Twig». White gold, white rhodium, red garnet

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k White Gold
  • Insert: Garnet 4 mm and diamonds 1.5 mm
  • Plating: White rhodium
  • Sizes: The width of the base is from 2.5 to 5.7 mm.


Many say that humankind has detached from nature in our modern times, and we are no longer directly related to it. We don’t entirely agree. We believe humankind is nature in one of its best forms.

However, we have wandered far from nature’s gifts. We spend less time walking the beautiful trails of the woods and no longer get lost in the living mazes of forest kingdoms. We look up less and less often at the starry sky and pay little attention to what lies above us: the warm smile of the sun and the sky. It is impossible to fully move away from nature, as this would mean to go beyond our physical bodies. The ability to forget about it for a while, though is very much real.

We decided to correct this, and one of our goals is thus to bring nature a little closer to you. Remember the remarkable touch of a flower on your skin! Think of the fragrant tree bark that reaches out to your fingers as if asking for an embrace. Recall how the fresh grass tickles your feet as you walk barefoot on untrodden paths through the woods.

Memories cease to be mere projections with jewellery from Kochut. They become quite tangible, taking physical form. They are as real as this set from the «Twigs» collection.

The earrings are made of white gold in the shape of a tree branch.