Kaizen — when every action is for the better

These words come from somewhere in the heart. Where the word doesn't even have a place yet. Where you just catch yourself feeling surprised, in love, and happy. With these words, you first breathe, love, think, and only then exclaim. But we decided otherwise. We named the rings after the words of love that we never say, but which we are lucky enough to feel more than once in our lives.
A new mini-collection of mokume rings "Kaizen" - when every action is for the better.
You're already used to the fact that when it comes to mokume, Japanese philosophy is always present somewhere. We cherish it so much because we find many non-obvious answers in it.
This time, kaizen is a concept derived from the Japanese words kai (change) and zen (good or for the better). Every moment we change. This is the law of nature. Our relationships, habits and preferences change. And the main thing in these vicissitudes of change is to feel that everything in us tends to life, and therefore everything tends to constant improvement.