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Kochut collections — together even more beautiful.
Lofty Heights

When the mountains and love, those things that push the soul and the body to reach its highest peaks, were the objects of our desires. We engraved these feelings in silver and gold. The collection includes pendants, wedding rings, rings and earrings with mountain motifs.

Tree of Life

The cycle of endless renewal. A tree that feeds, shelters and fills all beings with peace. Carefree contemplation of the ephemerality of life. We accept the joys of life, forgiving them of their fragility. We grow by forgiving ourselves of change. There is nothing closer to humankind than this tree atop its hill, which is why we so dearly wanted to depict it wherever we could: on wedding rings, to remember our common values; on pendants, that it could serve as an amulet; or even on earrings, because it is, after all, so very beautiful.

Forest Elements

Luxury from every angle. It poses in front of us in the guise of a tender branch, ripe fruits and brilliantly coloured leaves. The rings, earrings, pendants and engagement rings from this collection emphasize the wearer’s vivid and essential nature. «Sunny Forest», «The Joy of Life», «Wood Fairy» and other pieces from this collection are an invitation to emulate Nature herself.

Classic Inspiration

Rings that shall undoubtedly remain objects of desire. Rings that do not bring the wearer to confess feelings of love, but rather, rings that make the wearer simply want to love! All that’s left to do is choose the perfect wedding rings from this collection to pair with them. Classic sophistication featuring a plurality of diamonds and shapes that have captivated us for centuries. «Without a shadow of a doubt» — no turn of phrase better captures the essence of this collection.

Harmony of feelings

This collection includes a variety of engagement rings, rings, and earrings with delicate patterns that will mesmerise all who behold them. The delicate airiness of each lift and flow carved into the metal is born of Nature and lives on in our feelings. We believe in harmony. Therefore, we must create it, and now you can do the same.

Parade of planets


There is nothing more charming than a woman who likes her flight. There is nothing more alluring than a woman who has a light bird singing in her soul. 

We created the collection «Birds» on the model of forest singing, spring breath and golden gentle wings. And it is needed at the time when you lose touch with the earth. When someone teaches you to use your wings. Then, when you finally remember that they are given to you from birth 

Let every time you put on our «Bird», you will be reminded of the delicate singing of a forest bird - so small with such a powerful mission. And may you be taught to fly not by your inner dragons, but by the fragility of a bird, in which freedom pulsates sharply in thin veins.

Floral Symphony

If a flower is a compliment to a woman from God, then this collection is an all-encompassing tribute from our jewellers. We took special care to create novel, unexpected, and even perhaps slightly provocative pieces in order to emphasize the uniqueness of each and every flower, as well as each and every one of you. We have left ample room for imagination, and encourage you to mix and match earrings, pendants, rings, and engagement rings from this collection to produce a result that will blossom forth magnificently!

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