In joy and sorrow — wedding ring made of white gold and with sapphire
$1 650
SKU: 1829-1
SKU: 1829-1

In joy and sorrow — wedding ring made of white gold and with sapphire

$1 650
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White 14K gold
Sapphire 3 mm
Base width:
~ 8,5 mm
White rhodium
The cost depends on the final weight
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When the two people meant for each other meet, love and friendship turn real, and stop being just a fairytale we used to hear in childhood. 

Feelings get a new deep meaning. Loving means giving and being grateful for reciprocity. To love is not a single verb, but a whole range of feelings — respect, understanding, loyalty, support, common views. 

Strong feelings are not manifested just during the wedding ceremony. It’s a lifelong dedication for two. They make vows to understand and forgive to each other, in joy and sorrow, the fleeting arguments and random actions. A living tandem of love and responsibility that found its symbolic meaning in wedding rings. 

And we created wedding ring that can not only emphasize all these emotions, but put an everlasting meaning into every word of the wedding vow. This ring is a part of «In joy and sorrow» collection — uncommon and original.It do not accept traditions and shape a new wave of beauty and style of wedding jewelry.

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