Renaissance — wedding ring made in gold and silver covered black rhodium
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SKU: 1111-0

Renaissance — wedding ring made in gold and silver covered black rhodium

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Sterling silver and 14k yellow gold
Black Rhodium
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The incredible catharsis of the development of culture, art and philosophy could be described in two words. The Epoch of Renaissance. The historical period when a thinking mind flourished and rose to unimaginable heights. A thinking mind not of a single person, but society globally. The time when the whole era woke up from a long lay sleep, stretched and started a profound mental work on itself. 

Art is the first price for a great progress in spiritual and cultural development. It concludes a constituent meaning of our beautiful «Renaissance» wedding ring. Ше take us back to the ancient days of philosophers and kings. Looking at ring, we admire the silent beauty of gorgeous patterns. 

We bloom with thіs ring, start to live and think differently. We wake up and begin with our first conscious steps in this brand new world.

The ring is made of oxidized silver. As in the architecture of the Renaissance, wedding ring have a twist — mysterious gold lining on the edges. It emphasizes the beauty and geometric splendor of the authentic patterns on the silver surface. 

The cost may vary, depending on the size and final weight.

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