Geometry — wedding ring made of white 14K gold and with black rhodium
$1 440
SKU: 1765-2
SKU: 1765-2

Geometry — wedding ring made of white 14K gold and with black rhodium

$1 440
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14k White Gold
Black rhodium
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The universe speaks to us in the language of mathematics. The world is based on complex formulas, where every whole can be an integral part of the other in a single cycle.

We got used to thinking that we live in a world of abstractions: imagination, myths, soul, sociality, state, corporations. But imagine for a moment living in the world of geometry.  Moreover, living in a world where the Master of the universe had carefully considered every brick and every branch, but people all their lives are trying to catch only basic concepts.

There was an inscription above the door of Plato saying that no one ignorant of geometry should enter it. Plato did not allow his students to study philosophy until being convinced they knew geometry well. He considered it the universal language of philosophy, the first and most important principle of the universe.

Reality is about ideas and essences, and we only comprehend its reflection. Geometry is everywhere. In the architecture of a tree leaf, in the middle of three-dimensional projection of the continents, in the precise shape of your face and body, in the structure of a body cell, in the retina, in the length of fingers, in gestures and movements.

Nature is proportional. It is the genius ruling over chaos. Only a limited mind sees chaos while it has created a complete harmony of meaning. Numbers and proportions are inspiring because they are the true beauty of the world, the subtext of creation, the hidden table of signs, and formulas.

And the most important can be seen through love.  But who said love is not a part of the world’s geometry? Probably, it is the main building unit. Maybe, it is a part of the architecture of the universe.

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