Harmony of nature — wedding ring made of white and yellow gold with emerald and diamonds
$2 970
SKU: 7124
SKU: 7124

Harmony of nature — wedding ring made of white and yellow gold with emerald and diamonds

$2 970
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Yellow 14K gold, white 14K gold
Emerald 6x3 mm, diamond 1,3 mm — 4 pcs.
Base width:
~ 7 mm
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Choosing traditionally plain gold rings for the wedding is believed to make future life of the newlyweds easy and smooth, with no obstacles. These are just fairy illusions that one would love to believe in. Our plan is to change both the traditional approach to wedding jewelry and your perception of jewelry art.

These rings are not smooth,at all. You may see a silver floral pattern with galvanic covering on it. This ornament is a symbol of the first love freshness. A flower which gradually opens and embraces your soul. The petals of the ring reach out to their owner, giving the beauty of its look. Flowers are the children of nature, little lords of the world. They feed on air and water, and give their owners the incredible energy of the planet. 

Living in harmony does not necessarily mean a cloudless life. There are lots of surprising turns, moments of doubts and fleeting sadness. But this is actually the meaning of life — be the master of your own happiness. A man himself must be a giant, the creator of all the beautiful events in his life, guarding them securely with his arms. One of such events is the marriage of two people, who love unconditionally and totally respect each other. 

A gold lining on the ring is a facet of happiness and understanding between the lovers. It constantly reminds of the bonds of love, hopes that became true and common future. 

The final cost depends on the size and weight.

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