Noble roots — wedding ring made of white gold with diamond
$2 196
SKU: 7264
SKU: 7264

Noble roots — wedding ring made of white gold with diamond

$2 196
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White 14K gold
1.5 mm diamond — 1 pc.
Base width:
~ 6 mm
The cost depends on the final weight of the jewellery
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Family is one of nature's masterpieces. And marriage is a continuation of love. 

Family is the value created by people. Not for a day, a decade or many centuries. And the background for a family will be very important for future generations. 

The closest friend of a family is love, the main companion is trust, the main comrade is understanding. Such values are cherished subconsciously, at the level of instincts and reflexes. The atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Realizing, that no matter what storms you happen to overcome in life, the family will remain a safe harbour of love and hope. 

Family should be a place of power. A man needs to know that he is not alone. He needs to feel loved. That he has his guardian angels behind his back whispering quietly “Wee believe in you”.

A man needs support so much. A kind word. Honest conversations. Countless hours spent with family.  Embraces and forgiveness for fleeting quarrels and unexpectedly sharp words.

The warmth of love. Pride for your own family. When tears and happiness are shared. Such families indeed could grow only noble roots. And they will always remind you of who you really are. In the darkest times of sorrow and defeat or brightest moments of joy and victory. 

Noble roots are the foundation that cannot be destroyed. The faith that cannot be lost. 

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