Aristocrats — flat-shaped wedding ring made of white gold with diamonds
$2 811
SKU: 6090
SKU: 6090

Aristocrats — flat-shaped wedding ring made of white gold with diamonds

$2 811
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White 14K Gold
Diamonds 1,3 mm — 0,15 ctw, 16 pcs.
Base width:
~ 4 mm
Available with a matte surface only. The cost depends on the final weight of the product.
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«Aristocrats»... At once there is a subtle whiff of history. One hears the clatter of carriage wheels against stone bridges, the perfect light music of the piano coming from the salon of the huge house, propped up by columns. The manicured park around and the barely perceptible plume of perfume that an exquisite lady with open shoulders and precious jewelry left behind.

Everyone has heard the word «aristocrats», but not everyone knows its true meaning.

The term in question comes from ancient Greece and means a form of government, and literally translates as «the dominance of the best».

When a person had a certain set of virtues, military prowess, superior intellect, religious or moral superiority, and indeed was the best in a particular collective, city, state - he was chosen as an aristocrat, the ruling elite.

It was only later that aristocracy began to be inherited. Children were taught all the sciences, justice, wisdom.

The commoners always wanted at least a glimpse into this elegant life, to touch elegant things with their fingertips, at least to hear what this special world sounds and smells like.

Aristocrats were the center of elegance, bright and balanced at the same time: no sudden movements, only calmness, intelligence and manners.

The cream of society, who differed outwardly and, more importantly, inwardly.

«Aristocrats» - when the most valuable things are on the inside.

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