SKU: 0420

Ring «Branch». Red gold, red heart shaped garnet

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k Red Gold
  • Insert: Garnet 5x5 mm, diamond 1,5 mm — 3 pcs


They say that if you look at the color red for a long time, then the person's heart rate increases. Red color attracts the looks of others and serves as the best accent for any decoration.

Red is the color of Mars, the fiery element and passion. He has tremendous power and ability to influence the world.

Red garnet on the ring - beauty combined with fire harmony. It is impossible to forget. It is unique and unusual, it looks especially good on a woman's hand.

It is important to remember that when a woman loves red clothes and accessories, it means she is desired, loved and full of heartfelt excitement. Red lipstick on the eyes, red nails, red dresses - they make a woman attractive, sincere, real. We perfectly remember the properties of color for the beauty of the fair sex, and did not hesitate to bring it to our golden collection of "Twigs".

A red garnet loves to hide behind a golden veil of sleep and love. He looks very beautiful in an alliance with red gold. Our ring from the collection "Twig" with a red heart-shaped garnet is a real visualization of harmony.

Be beautiful, be harmonious and wear beautiful jewelry for the soul and heart!