Sweet fruit — ring made of white gold (plated with black rhodium) and red garnets
$1 200
SKU: 1128
SKU: 1128

Sweet fruit — ring made of white gold (plated with black rhodium) and red garnets

$1 200
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14k White Gold
Grenade 7x5 mm, garnet 1,75 mm — 3 pcs.
Black rhodium

Often life seems to us a string of everyday life and gray steps up and down. Shadows of passing days and years of dawns and human deeds. And when you begin to feel that life is a gray and silent mouse under a church dome, then at this moment it is necessary to wake up!

Soak up the saturated green trees on the way to work, the bright accents of the blue eyes of a close friend and the cheerful bright colors of ripe winter fruits! And then you will begin to understand that life is a whole gamut of tools and colors, and certainly not the everyday grayness of the passing years.

And the bright color is especially bright! Red lips of shining girls in warm scarves, juicy ripe garnets in the market and shine of pink wine in festively decorated cafes. In this - the life, beauty and greatness of the moment, and not in our problems and foggy thoughts.

Such accents we wanted to give our beautiful ring from the collection "Sweet fruit".

It can cause associations with pomegranates, red apples, Burgundy wine - but it will nevertheless remain a bright highlight that will lift the mood and prove to you once again that life is beautiful!

This charming ring is made of white gold, and the hollows are covered with black rhodium for an ideal contrast of twigs.

The heart of the ring is bright and red, because it contains a central natural garnet and three small pomegranates surround it like a retinue.