Frost — platinum ring with diamonds
$7 830
SKU: 7085
SKU: 7085

Frost — platinum ring with diamonds

$7 830
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Platinum 23K
Diamonds (1,75 mm) ~ 0,72 ctw
The final cost depends on the size of the jewelry and the number of stones.
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If you imagine that ice crystals suddenly became a precious metal, it would be platinum.

Everything will remain the same: both sophistication and mystery. One thing will change: now you can wear the beauty that has been delightful since childhood and restores your faith in miracles.

Let this be the moment when the world revolves around your purity of heart. Let the music of your soul at this moment sound like that fresh winter morning.

Patterns, sparkle of diamonds, depth of platinum shade. Everything in our new Frost jewelry inspires us to create something new, worthwhile and beautiful.

Let's learn from nature!

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