Herald of Wisdom — pendant made of oxidized silver and yellow gold with diamond
SKU: 1516
SKU: 1516

Herald of Wisdom — pendant made of oxidized silver and yellow gold with diamond

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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Diamond 1,4 mm
~ 8,3 g
The wingspan is 33.5 mm, the height with the ear is 28 mm, the thickness is 6 mm

«Beauty is a bouquet of flowers. It may fade with time, but its wisdom remains with you forever.»

It is important to understand that wisdom is not measured in years lived or in books read. 

For a time, people were captivated by the idea that a person uses no more than 10% of their brain. Wisdom is not a weapon of reason. Wisdom is concentrated spiritual strength, mental capacity and deep inner analysis.

Just look at nature. Take note of the ingenious laws she devised for each living being, see how perfectly she organized the architecture of each leaf, appreciate the simplicity of her soul. Wisdom is not symmetry or perfection. Like the golden average, it is based in proportions.

Wisdom goes through mistakes and spiritual trials. It crashes against heavy rocks and rises above storms. It circles around mirages and finds that which is real among them. It collects broken fragments and forms them into solid glass.

Wisdom is not something concrete or homogeneous. It embodies many facets of life all at once.

The person who finds themselves is wise because they have managed to unearth their true essence among thousands of faces and millions of small thoughts. The person who builds an empire is wise because they created an entire world from themselves and tamed reality by manifesting what was once a mere dream.

Those who love themselves and seek a place in the world are also wise, for it is only through experience and misunderstanding that they will reach the end of the difficult path of Enlightenment.

The «Herald of Wisdom» pendant embodies the philosophy of spiritual development as well as the knowledge that leads us on the path of wisdom and understanding of the world around us. The owl, historically attributed to the goddess Athena, is one of the oldest symbols of knowledge. Finding the truth with burning eyes even in the blackest darkness — this is the significance we forged into this pendant.

The owl is made of oxidized silver. Its wings are open wide and bright as if it were really flying. It clutches a golden branch with a bright white diamond in its talons, delivering a ray of sunlight to its dark enchanted forest home.