Enchanted forest — pendant made of oxidized silver with amethyst and diamonds
SKU: 7234
SKU: 7234

Enchanted forest — pendant made of oxidized silver with amethyst and diamonds

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Sterling silver
Amethyst 6 mm, diamonds 1,25 mm - 3 pcs.
Height — 17 mm, width — 11 mm
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Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a fairy tale. You are in a medieval castle with tall towers and gothic-style windows. Outside the window, you see a dark enchanted forest full of wizards, sorcerers, and forest witches. You are in no danger, and amazing events are unfolding around you. Forest fairies are circling over your head, and you are walking along a green path.

You are full of dreams and beautiful thoughts. You raise your head to catch the evening haze and begin to feel the earrings on your ears, as if they were made of night nature and sparkling stars. These earrings protect you, and let all the forest spirits know that you also belong to their element. They gladly accept you, and you continue your confident path.

Did you like it? These feelings are similar to fantasies, to an attempt to escape from the real world for a few modest minutes, but what if we told you that you can create a fairy tale in your present, very real and tangible world?

Most likely, you won't believe it. Well, we will show you the proof - a silver pendant with amethyst and diamonds. Isn't it beautiful? You will look at them in silent admiration and find out that we did tell you the truth.

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