Space mirage — a pendant made of white gold
SKU: 5314
SKU: 5314

Space mirage — a pendant made of white gold

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White 14k gold
15х10 mm
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At night the world reminds of a space mirage. Everything that happened during the day, turned into memory and rolled under the bed. And while the stars are born or die somewhere, all I do is drink mint tea, preparing for tomorrow as if it were possible to get ready for life at all.
At night everything seems much simpler. And I want to treat life with humor and feel complete tenderness to others and myself. Tenderness so immense as if in the entire world there was nothing more fragile and vigorous than a man.
At night the skies carry the scent of experience, not mistakes. And you are so obsessively in love with life. Along with billions of other lives on the planet. It seems that you, just like planets, live in constant motion. You move in your orbit, losing it at times. At night everything is much simpler and in the morning this simplicity seems to be just a cosmic mirage. 

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