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Ring «Vernydub». Silver, red gold, black spinel

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  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver and 14k red Gold
  • Insert: Black spinel 6 mm
  • Plating: Oxidized


Vernidub is very powerful. One little finger, he is able to snatch a tree from the ground. Light effort can uproot a whole forest. Often he was depicted in the form of a strong Cossack.

Power, strength, victory are the qualities of this fairy-tale hero, which is so found in the folklore of the Ukrainian people.

According to legend, Vernydub, like other mythical characters: Vernigor, Krutyus and Kotigoroshko, went in search of happiness. On this way he had to meet many adventures and obstacles, overcome monsters and their own fears.

What decorates a man? Courage, confidence, determination and willingness to follow the dream. High ideals. The ability to make friends sincerely and to be a reliable support for comrades. Ability to persist in overcoming difficulties and not giving up in case of failures.

Vernydub ring is created for such men! It symbolizes the invincibility of the will and strength of character. It emphasizes strength of character and a flexible mind. It visually complements the special inner nature of a brave man.

"The father and mother did not know what to do when, in the third year of the year, my son began to pluck ate as thick as his leg. On the seventh, he was taken for beeches. From the age of fourteen he had such great strength that he himself pulled out beeches and oaks like a shaky plant from the ground and carried eighty at once on his shoulders home. When he was seventeen, he could no longer sit at home because he had no work for himself and wanted to see the world. Therefore, I went in search of happiness, «says one of the fairy tales about Vernidub.

Charismatic ring «Vernidub» fills with power and might, gives a thirst for victories and trials. Emphasizes masculine character.

Silver, red gold, black spinel.