Gentle hugs — platinum engagement ring with very light pink diamond
$4 380
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SKU: 7270

Gentle hugs — platinum engagement ring with very light pink diamond

$4 380
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Platinum 23K
Diamond 0,16 ct, very light pink/VS1, сертифікат GIA
In a single copy

"To live to touch you. Or to touch you to live?

In a world full of landscapes, there is nothing more beautiful to me than your hands. Thanks to them, I learned that I am capable of feeling so much. And now, when I think of you, they touch me, so gently and carefully, as if life itself were doing it to me. And then I can't stand it and start hugging you tenderly. So that our temporality becomes like eternity. The sweetest and warmest eternity in this galaxy.

It seems as if I am not the same person I was before we met. As if I am much more weighty now, because I am half made up of our touches. They are safely in my memory, they are scattered all over my skin. And they make me smile when I see you. And now come to me, because this world is sorely lacking lovers who drown in each other's arms."

What if an engagement ring should resemble the most intimate thing between people? Perhaps it is able to keep the eyes of lovers on it to carry them through the years. Or it can take on a shape that perfectly resembles a hug. We decided that this is how it should be, and we made a ring destined to become a bestseller. Feel yourself in the arms of platinum, because your feelings are worth dressing up in a precious outfit. And let the exquisite diamond compete with the sparkle of your eyes with its shine.

Ring «Gentle hugs» — if love were a piece of jewelry.