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Ring «Star Flower». Palladium 18K gold, diamonds

Available in showroom: Kyiv

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Palladium 18K gold
  • Insert: Marquise diamond 0,24 ct (5x3 mm)


When the last thing you want is being ordinary, but all the words have been already said, sung, rhymed, and even silenced to you. All the most beautiful flowers were given, and the luxurious diamonds are no longer exclusive. 

When you want to be unique in your manifestations, and then you come across an incredible flower never seen on the Earth before. The unique 18K palladium gold and a diamond of a non-standard «marquise» shape make a stunning image in front of your eyes. This diamond cut dates back to the reign of Louis XV. They say that the French king was the inspiration for jewelers to create this untypical kind of shape. He was so fascinated by his favorite, the Marquise de Pompadour, that he wanted to give her a diamond that could convey the remarkable beauty of her smile. 

In addition, the gem is especially popular due to its shape. Thanks to it, the fingers of its owner visually look more graceful. And together with four other diamonds it turns into a flower that grows against the laws of time and space. 

Probably, this is the flower the king’s favorite dreamed of, and maybe your favorite dreams of as well. And maybe now it’s her turn to pick something outstanding.

May your love give birth to stars, and may its radiance be the eternal flash in the memory of the Universe. A diamond «Star flower» ring is another reason for her smile to shine.