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Engagement ring «Winged heart». White gold, sapphire, diamonds

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: White 14К gold
  • Insert: Sapphire heart 7x7 mm, diamond 1,1 mm — 8 pcs.


Weightless love, that once invaded a human heart, stays forever in its silent memory. It raised you above the skies, broke the onerous bindings and gave the wings back. So easy and simple love. Without hard questions and even harder decisions. It’s love when you have nothing to prove. 

It comes unexpectedly. Free from desires and expectations. Wings of love fill the space of the human soul. The power of height. Each of us has that skill of rising above the complexities of the game called «Life». 

You feel happy because the laws of gravity don’t work on you anymore. You just do not care that people were not meant to fly. Especially, when beside you there is someone who will never be burdened with reproach, doubt or insult. He will carry you when you can no longer keep going. When the common goal will seem too distant and you will have to slow down. 

A man was given no wings, but he flies, he flies indeed. 

Inspired by the sublime feelings, we created the «Winged Heart» ring — the luxurious white gold adorned with a heart-shaped sapphire. 

It’s ready to fly off into your hands.