Cassiopeia — palladium gold engagement ring with diamonds
$15 261
SKU: 4226
SKU: 4226

Cassiopeia — palladium gold engagement ring with diamonds

$15 261
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Palladium 18K gold
Diamond 0.54 ct (5,29 mm), diamond 1 mm — 20 pcs.
The stone is selected individually, the final cost depends on its characteristics
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The contours of distant constellations make images in our minds. Clusters of stars and nebulae together paint majestic portraits of space. We look at the skies and see us and our history. Let’s be careful and try to find the reflection of the infinite universe in every earthly being. 

Ancient Indian astrological texts claim that it was under the influence of numerous constellations that various types of biological life appeared on our planet. The radiation of cosmic asterisms triggered special processes that contributed to the maturation of the unique substances, traits and qualities, the world has never seen before. This is how evolution took place. 

The solar system moves at a speed of almost 914 thousand kilometers per hour around the galactic center. And our galaxy, in its turn, also flies somewhere at breakneck speed. Every second we find ourselves in totally different points in space-time! Every moment is exceptional! At any moment, our position in relation to other space bodies and objects in space changes. For hundreds of thousands of years, light from various stars, luminaries and galaxies reached the Earth at different angles. Every time that light brought new forms, new images, and patterns of creations. 

The ancient sages knew about the mystical influence of asterisms on human life. Celestial bodies were given the names of gods, deities, mythical creatures and sacred monsters. Perceptive souls and great minds subtly felt the special energy of each luminary. Every significant astronomical phenomenon is accurately reflected in legends, myths, fairy tales and legends of many peoples of the world.

Greek mythology tells us the story of the beautiful Cassiopeia — the wife of the Ethiopian king Cepheus. The royal couple had no less charming daughter Andromeda. Once Cassiopeia was careless in bragging to the sea nymphs about her beauty and the beauty of her daughter. The Nereids were outraged because they still considered themselves the most beautiful creatures, so they advised Poseidon to punish the self-confident Cassiopeia. Poseidon sent a huge monster to Ethiopia — Cetus. The fire erupted from his mouth, black smoke from his ears, and his tail was covered with sharp thorns. The whale raged, ravaged, and destroyed the lands. And only Perseus — one of the most famous legendary heroes succeeded to perform an extraordinary feat and save King Cepheus, Cassiopeia, and Andromeda from a terrible monster.

Nowadays we can remember the beauty and pride of the mythical queen, admiring the constellation of the same name in the Northern Hemisphere. And no less cosmic and pretentious gold ring from Kochut — «Cassiopeia».

The unique diamond emphasizes the special royal status of its owner. And the generous scattering of white diamonds can easily be confused with the radiance of the most beautiful stars in the night sky. 

This ring requires the appropriate exclusive wedding rings, which you may find in our catalog.