SKU: 4347

Engagement ring «Persephone». Yellow gold emerald

Available in showroom: Kyiv

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k yellow gold
  • Insert: 5 mm emerald
  • Sizes: Base width 4 mm


Will my entire life be enough to discover all the women in you? And if yes, then I am not sure I won’t ask for more. It seems you live in this world for multiple epochs now. As for me, there is no other way to explain your wiseness, so delicately dressed in that celestial youth.

We are only humans. This life is too fast, short and complicated to love eternally. One can just imagine and inhale the divine feeling from time to time. Like on that cold March day, when I called you a Goddess and heard you laugh. So loud and mischievous, the little girl in you, so spontaneous, naive and innocent girl I fell in love with. This was the first time I met the light side of your inner Goddess Persephone. With the amazing birth energy.

In addition, there are real witch powers dreaming under your skin. Should I touch them, they wake up and attack me with their magnetic mystery. This was the second time I met the other side of you, and I was not scared. On the contrary, it showed me how to recognize the real you.

There is a reason why we named this engagement ring after Goddess Persephone. Let the mighty powers of heaven and earth bless you for Love.