Flamenco — gold earrings with diamonds
$1 446
SKU: 4364
SKU: 4364

Flamenco — gold earrings with diamonds

$1 446
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14k yellow gold
Diamonds 1,5 mm — 2 pcs.
Height 9.5 mm

Under the cover of a warm night on a hot Spanish street, there is a woman dancing passionately, as if dancing is her everything. The vibrations of her body move past through the ground and the line between tanned skin and long skirt goes unclear. The guitar itself adores her in moments like this and plays the best accompaniment. In particular, the attractive movements of her wrists make everything around feel the ease, and the lively rhythms of her heels keep you awake. 

Accurate and clear positions. A magnetic look of wet eyes, reflecting the desire to dance for him as if it were the first and the last time. Brisk and unpredictable turns, deft finger clicks, that make the music even more energetic. Now try to close your eyes and forget about this plasticity with shades of the setting sun and aromas of ripe grapes. This is the fire you could never leave behind. Because the earth is about to lose its mind from this dance. Just try to keep it under your feet now. 

Catching the moment. Recreating its perfection in gold. Telling you the story exactly like the one that was seen. All this with our «Flamenco» earstuds. Gold and diamond, desire and peace, confidence, and lightness.