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Cuff earrings «Willow Branch». White gold, black rhodium

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: White 14K gold
  • Plating: Black rhodium


Embrace the intimacy of Mother Nature. Know when she is weary and asks for shelter. Hear the crashing thunder of her pain, which precedes a serene and cloudless sky. Witness her burning as she anxiously awaits the first cold snap of winter. She may try to conceal herself or flee, covering herself in icy cold, but she knows that her only salvation lies in the hands of those that have also brought about her ruin.

It is for this reason that she presses on — that you may take note of her. Every encounter with nature is an attempt on her part to speak to you, particularly in the springtime. She uses her last ounce of strength as the frost recedes to rise from her slumber and convey her message through the flowers of the cherry trees, apple trees and willows. 

What a marvellous tree the willow is! It has a delicacy that knows no equal among nature’s fauna. The willow personifies the mysterious feminine spirit and is a symbol of motherhood and fertility, birth and resurrection.

The sun itself drinks water from the boughs of the willow tree, which is why its branches resemble sunbeams. They want nothing more than to share their light with you, to remind you of joyous celebration, of the morning sky, of purity and faith that can overcome death itself. One defenceless sprig can renew your outlook and fill you with the inspiration to create, not destroy.

The «Willow Branch» cuffs represent Mother Nature’s care for you. They are feminine and refined, crafted to emphasize the facial features, character, and appearance of their owner, who is undoubtedly a true friend of spring and all of nature’s works.