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Cuff earrings «Willow twig». White gold, black rhodium

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: White 14K gold
  • Plating: Black rhodium


On the «you» with nature. When she is tired and asks for protection. It thunders with all the pain and is already waiting for cloudlessness. It burns with fires and is already waiting for cold pristine freshness. He wants to hide from you, run away, cover himself with ice. But. But she knows that only he can save her, who destroyed her.

Therefore, she continues to be so that you notice her. Each of your meetings is her attempt to speak to you. Especially in the spring. She wakes up with all her strength and tells you the color of sakura, apple trees and willow twigs. There is so much tenderness in the latter! This is the tenderness that is said to be more powerful than strength. Willow personifies the mystery of the female soul, symbolizes motherhood and fertility. Willow is always birth and resurrection.

It is the sun that drinks water from willow twigs, which is why they are so similar to the sun’s rays. They just want to shine on you, to remind you of a bright holiday, of morning, of purity, of faith, which helps to conquer death itself. One branch is defenseless, which in a moment changes your views and gives you inspiration to create and not destroy.

Cafés «Willow twig» — when everything cares about you. Such feminine and elegant, they are created to emphasize the facial features, character and views of their owner, whose girlfriend is creativity and spring.