Bellflowers — earrings made of silver and yellow gold
$1 320
SKU: 4310
SKU: 4310

Bellflowers — earrings made of silver and yellow gold

$1 320
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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
~ 8,5 g
Earrings height — 33 mm

Once they told me that seeing a bellflower in the field is a lucky sign, but I say that meeting you in the midst of this field of life is the real happiness and if flowers leave no one indifferent, then you just take that talent completely. As you pass by, I feel the aroma of some flowering frame of flowers. I see in your ever-distant gaze the brightest sky, and your laughter is ringing in my imagination with bells as a sign that the world is still good.

You're like a sweet candy to my bitter coffee. Like a weekend, or a circled day in the calendar. Like many, many days I recall, falling into pleasant memories. You are the faith for the skeptics and a fairy tale for an adult. You are impossibly possible. You do not know how to be ugly, and remain unique among myriads of other gorgeous flowers. You can't be out of love, cause all you do is made with love. That's why I actually noticed you here. Because you bloomed and loved. You treated the human heart with care and gave your flowering tenderness unconditionally. Your ringing voice touched my heart.

We are pleased to present new "Bellflowers'' earrings. The petals are made of silver and a charming French clasp in yellow gold. Let them remind you of the simple joys of life and the most tender feelings.