Secrets of the universe — gold earrings with garnets and diamonds
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SKU: 4733

Secrets of the universe — gold earrings with garnets and diamonds

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White and red 14K gold
Pyrope garnet 8x6, diamond 1,2 mm — 36 pcs.
~ 12,3 g
Black rhodium
33х12 mm

The world is what we perceive of it, and we very well may know next to nothing about it. Only the desire to expand our horizons helps us to divide the inner and outer worlds.

Each of us is but a drop in the ocean, yet the sea consists of billions of drops. The star is separate from the sky, but a sky without the stars is an empty void.

All of the universe’s elements are organically interconnected. All of the things in this world are simple and natural. Albert Einstein once said that «the most incomprehensible thing about the world is the fact that it can indeed be comprehended.»

The world is not just the work of some artist, the world is the artist. Every century is a painting, each epoch is an exhibition. The world can reproduce any image from the depths of our consciousness, and what matters is providing it with the correct paints.

«I’m not Athenian, I’m not Greek. I am a citizen of the world,» said Socrates. We are part of infinity; we are the foundation of the universe.

Every day, when you wake up in the morning, remember what a beautiful world you are opening your eyes to. Thank the sun for never being too lazy to get up and wish the stars a good night’s sleep. Embrace yourself and thank the universe that you are a part of it, for you are a part of it. We are all part of infinity. We are the foundations of the universe.

You are the most important person in your life, and so you must understand that you can achieve your greatest goals and realize your wildest dreams. Never depart from these thoughts.

The «Universe Earrings» will be a reliable companion on the path to your ever-improving and ever-evolving reality. Naturally, these earrings are worthy of Athena and Venus, but above all, they are worthy of you.

These earrings were made from white and red gold and crafted in an exceptionally original style. A small miracle of nature unifies the precious constituent metals — multicoloured polychrome tourmalines.

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