Soul and body — earrings made of white and yellow gold
$2 436
SKU: 7250
SKU: 7250

Soul and body — earrings made of white and yellow gold

$2 436
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White and yellow 14K gold
Square size ~ 10,5x10,5 mm, height with clasp ~ 26 mm.
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In the picture, you may see the earrings from our magical «Soul and Body» collection. This collection also includes wedding rings, crosses, and bracelets. This is very symbolic jewellery, which except for its external beauty, brings deep inner meaning.

Victor Hugo said that no external beauty can be complete unless it is enlivened by inner beauty. The beauty of the soul is spreading like a mysterious light on the beauty of the body. 

We emphasized the harmony of inner and outer beauty in these earrings. The outer side symbolizes the body through its gold surfacing, and the inner part conveys the soul and true essence of a woman. It was deemed that the most important meetings are arranged by souls before their bodies meet. 

The earrings are made of gold in classic french style with yellow gold alloy on both sides, and we added the texture of tree bark.