SKU: 4015

Cuffs «Chanterelles». Yellow gold

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14К Gold
  • Weight: ~ 2,4 g
  • Sizes: Length — 20 mm


Pup loves freedom: for centuries, people have not managed to tame him. His bright red coat can be seen from afar, but it is very difficult to catch a small beast. He is cunning, independent and free from prejudice. He walks in the forest kingdom, as in his own home and knows every corner where you can hide from annoying eyes. They play with the fall, and the fluffy tail spreads leaves along the paths familiar only to him.

The little fox has very beautiful eyes. In them freedom rages, mixed with the love of life. You must have often heard that a person endowed with light red hair was born under a lucky star. Such people are in love with creativity and devote their lives to creating new things. In this context, the fox is considered a symbol of freedom-loving nature, which can never obey anyone.

The fox is a union of two elements: the earth — it lives in the forest and feeds on its gifts; and fire — this is indicated by the fiery red color of the coat, which saves from any weather.

People who choose this symbol for themselves are often endowed with a sharp mind, wit, ambition and independence. In general, it is not the symbol that makes a person unique, but the person himself gives abstract features with his features. Do not forget about it.

Tender Cuffs "Chanterelles" — a beautiful forest picture