Kundalini — silver earrings with red garnets
SKU: 1674
SKU: 1674

Kundalini — silver earrings with red garnets

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Sterling silver
Garnet 6 mm — 2 pcs.
~ 6,7 g
The height of the earrings — 45 mm
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A vital force lives in each one of us. It is the mystical energy of fire, which can both lift us to the realms of the divine and consume us until only ashes remain. It can instil in you the divine bliss of all-seeing vision or throw you from the towering heights of consciousness into the depths of your primordial instincts.

Kundalini. An unbridled and dormant energy awaits the moment when it can reveal itself, the moment when it shall awaken to pave the way to the superhuman, unearthly and extraordinary with its impressive power!

Kundalini. Suspended in a beautiful and lofty dance, it twists along the seven energy centres contained in the body, tracing a unique pattern. Two streams, like two wise serpents, wind themselves around an invisible base. It is an intertwining of opposing principles in us: ascending and descending, right and left, male and female, active and passive, solar and lunar, fire and water, day and night, being and non-being.

The symbol of the kundalini (also known as the Caduceus, or the Staff of Hermes) has long been used as an emblem of medicine. Among the occult, this image represents the key that throws back the veil between darkness and light, good and evil, life and death. 

Snakes symbolize a dynamic force concealed in that which appears to be stable. They represent two different flows: the connection between heaven and earth, the spiritual and the material. Everything that is born on earth comes from heaven, and after walking its path of trial and experience, it must once again ascend to the heavens. This is the eternal cycle. This is the endless dance of the universe’s divine energy!

Each of us contains a mighty and explosive energy that has slept within us since our infancy. It is the energy of absolute transformation and divine perfection, the hidden potential that lurks at the core of our being. One only has to awaken this fiery energy and the streams of cardinal changes will carry us into the vast and substantive spaces of our consciousness! The consciousness has a light through which it sees everything manifested and unmanifested, earthly and unearthly, ordinary and extraordinary, constant and impossibly rare. 

Take heed of the hidden pulsations of energy, to its breathing, to the dance of the Kundalini. Listen to the whispers of the fire burning inside and let its murmurs become tangible to you. Listen and you will surely realize the remarkable changes that are awakening in you! 

Kundalini earrings lend a unique ability to hear the subtle vibrations of one’s inner energy, to move in the rhythm of the world’s harmony and dance an indescribably beautiful dance of cosmic creation.

The silver base of the earrings reflects a lunar, feminine concept. Silver soothes and calms us, providing depth of vision and sharpness of perception. Two red garnets symbolize the solar masculine, the basis of unconditional light that fills everything with powerful life force. The combination of these two principles creates the particularly harmonious, balanced and perfect charge of energy that is embedded within this piece!

The earrings also feature a French silver clasp.

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