Gold thread — a cross made of silver and yellow gold
SKU: 0730
SKU: 0730

Gold thread — a cross made of silver and yellow gold

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Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
Height ~ 40 mm, width ~ 21 mm

Mankind has needed faith from time immemorial. Its relevance and significance have never faded. We are not speaking specifically about one particular tenet of faith or God. We are talking about faith in love, in goodness, in ideas and in the human spirit. After all, if we lose the ability to believe in these things, then what will we become? How would our world and lives change?

Faith is not empty conviction, but the opportunity to give life to abstract concepts. 

It inspires us to create crosses that no one else can imitate.

Here is one of our very first pieces. We combined a non-standard texture with a thin thread, which demonstrates that faith should neither be empty nor filled with blind adherence to dogma and fanatical beliefs. 

Faith must come from a sincere heart enveloped in love. 

So unique that making a perfect replica is impossible.