Eternal — cross made of yellow gold with diamonds
$3 432
SKU: 5801
SKU: 5801

Eternal — cross made of yellow gold with diamonds

$3 432
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Yellows 14K gold
Diamonds ~ 0.39 ctw
Height with bail ~ 21 mm
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Who are you? 

Energy that does not come from nothing and does not disappear into nothing? 

A warm shelter for people who are cold. 

The blue of the spring sky, which you look at and no longer understand: are you looking into it or is it looking into you? 

Who are you? All the greatness of the world or You are all its sorrow? But what does it matter if neither can be felt without You? The only thing that matters is what You have contributed more to: beauty or destruction. 

Who are You? An open door through which one enters home.

For some people, hugging you is like breathing in the scent of a cozy childhood. And watching you is like watching a beacon of love.

You don't see how flowers bloom in your footsteps on someone's path. When you say a few words, someone's wounds heal.

You are immense. You are bigger than anything that seems beyond control, that cannot be contained. Because whoever you are, you are here and now, already, made up of eternity.