Space of knowledge — cross made of white gold, covered with white rhodium
SKU: 4116
SKU: 4116

Space of knowledge — cross made of white gold, covered with white rhodium

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White 14K gold
~ 2,3 g
White rhodium
Height with bail 26 mm, width 12 mm
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«My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all.» These words belong to the great scientist Stephen Hawking, who devoted his difficult life to the knowledge of cosmic laws. Everyone on earth comes to know the universe in their own way, as well as their own unique inner universe. 

Knowledge of the self is an endless tunnel, and we wander through it like newly born kittens, blindly stumbling along at random and relying only on what we can feel and touch. When we come into contact with something we do not like, we abandon the search. Yet to know oneself is to accept oneself and all of the irregularities on your surface, the inadequacies and the eternal lack of one thing or another. 

The universe believed in us. By giving us time and space, body and mind, it wanted each person to know themself. Through love and hate, through happiness and sorrow, the vast space of events, people, memories and dreams has become one integral realm of knowledge. One knows themself, the other knows God, and the third knows God in themself. Thousands of paths of cognition all lead to one goal. 

The «Realm of Knowledge» cross, forged from white gold, is a symbol of faith that true knowledge is within our grasp. It serves as a reminder that everything will one day become clear and our hearts will finally know peace.