Oks: kastepiisad — kollane kuldne sõrmus smaragdidega
1 499.00€
SKU: 5767
SKU: 5767

Oks: kastepiisad — kollane kuldne sõrmus smaragdidega

1 499.00€
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Yellow 14k Gold
Emeralds 1,5 mm
Black rhodium
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Emerald is the tender heart of spring. So it was called poets and writers of ancient times. Did you know that this natural stone was popular 4000 years ago in Babylon? Centuries pass, and the emerald is still as valuable and beautiful. He gracefully plays with shades, absorbs the energy of the sun and gives it to you.

Legends say that in an emerald a person can see the previous lives of his soul. In ancient Egypt, the emerald was considered a symbol of eternal life, and he was the favorite jewel of Queen Cleopatra. Emerald was the mascot of Aristotle, Alexander of Macedon, Charlemagne.

Do you remember the Grail, known to the whole world, that the Knights Templars were looking for? Incredibly, the powerful Holy Grail was also made of emeralds.

To wear an emerald on a finger is to touch the throbbing heart of the world. A woman with an emerald will feel confident, beloved, beautiful. He will give her wisdom and tranquility.

Saturated green emeralds look great in combination with yellow gold and black rodium. Our ring from the collection "Twig" took the liberty to show you their beautiful beauty.

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