Twigs wid — silver earrings
2 499.00€
SKU: 5944
SKU: 5944

Twigs wid — silver earrings

2 499.00€
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Sterling Silver
~ 5 g
~ 16х18 mm

On «you» with nature. When she is tired and asks for protection. It rattles with all its pain and already waits for cloudlessness. Burning fires and already waiting for the cold, pristine freshness. Wants to hide from you, to run away, to be covered in ice. But. But she knows that only he can save her who ruined her.

So she keeps on being, so that you will notice her. Every encounter you have is her attempt to speak to you. Especially, in the springtime. She wakes up out of her last strength and tells you with the color of sakura trees, apple trees, and willow twigs. There is so much tenderness in the latter! It is that tenderness of which it is said to be more powerful than strength. 

It is the sun that drinks the water from the willow sprigs, which is why they look so much like the sun's rays. They just want to shine on you, to remind you of the bright holiday, of the morning, of purity, of the faith that helps defeat death itself. One defenseless twig, which in a moment changes your views and sends you inspiration to create, not to destroy.

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