Original handcrafted earrings in precious metals

mokume earrings with emeralds
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golden earrings with diamonds
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Handcrafted gold and silver earrings

Earrings, probably, like no other jewelry so often change its social meaning, depending on the historical period and the culture in which they were used. Some researchers declare that seven thousand years ago in Asia, earrings used as a man's jewelry at first place, and then, as a jewelry for women. The Ancient Egyptians used earrings to accent their high status in society. Rich Romans and Greeks wore gold earrings with pearls to demonstrate their wealth. In the Middle Ages, due to the domination of religious dogma in the community of European nations, earrings were banned. Only pirates and thieves used them. There is a version that a pirate wearing an earring to use it as a payment in case of his death. With the beginning of the Renaissance, people forgot about the ban, and the earrings returned to wide use. During the Cossacks time, the earring in the left ear meant that the Cossack was the only son in the mother, and in the right – he is the last representative of the male of its kind.

Nowadays, gold and silver earrings are widespread among men and women and in different society positions. Women's variants of earrings still are much wider and aimed at different occasions, while male earrings are used for daily wearing and underscoring their own unique style.

Because of a long time of existence of this kind of jewelry there was invented many types of earrings clasps. The most common among them are the English clasp, French, Italian, stud and hook. That's why we make earrings with English fastener, French, Italian, stud and hook.

Our online shop offers unusual handcrafted earrings of various metals and using precious stones, pearls and crystals. You can always order our individual design of earrings by leaving an application on the Individual order page, after which we will contact you to clarify all the nuances.