Gold and silver Kochut rings

Handcrafted gold and silver rings from Kochut 

Jewelry  is one of the best forms of art not only because the master embodies his creative intentions in precious metal and stones, but also because of the possibility of wearing it on himself, which no other work of art can do.

The ring takes a special place among the jewelry. It is worn on the finger to emphasize status, mood, beliefs or as a symbol of friendship, love and loyalty. Rings can have different shapes, be made of silver or gold and have different inserts: gemstones, rough crystals and pearls.

We are not limited to making rings in only one metal. A completely gold or silver ring is not the only options for us. We like to experiment with the appearance of rings, and also to combine different metals and use rough crystals, which, in our opinion, have a special beauty and uniqueness. In some of our models, the rings combine oxidized silver and gold with white rhodium plated and gilding. Our ring is always distinctive and has a certain meaning.

A special place is occupied by the engagement ring. It declaring the sincerity of feelings and the seriousness of intention. Traditionally, a gold diamond ring is used for proposal, but we also try to use rough diamonds or crystals of other precious stones in our models.

An important step in ring ordering is to determine the exact size. It is depending the maximum comfort when wearing a ring. Be careful, because some of our models do not provide for a size change and in that case you will need to make a new ring. If you have difficulties in measuring the size of your finger, then visit blog, where you will learn how to measure the finger correctly.

You have reviewed our entire rings catalog but didn’t find the desired model? Don’t worry! Just visit our Individual order page, read the terms and check manufacturing process of desired jewelry.