Source of life — silver topaz ring
SKU: 0963
SKU: 0963

Source of life — silver topaz ring

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Sterling Silver
Topaz 8x6 mm
White rhodium
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Every morning, Steve Jobs woke up and asked himself: «If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?»

The world is full of opportunities created just for us and beautiful places waiting for our paths to cross them. There are a huge number of incredible things in the world that want to share a part of their reality with us. We must not forget that the universe is friendly and always wants the best for us.

Never allow yourself to be possessed by the untruth that you are somehow not worth it. Never regard yourself as worse than others. The only person you have to compare yourself to is yourself. Make the world around you better, share thoughts that are bright and warm, wake up with a smile on your face and purity in your heart!

The world is the only mirror in which our reflection should matter. The world reflects every thought, every point of view, every action, taking our physical and inner lives into itself and using them to craft our existence.

The world is not mad, nor does it toy with us. We are more than mere instruments of extraneous reality. We are creators, and we hold the power to shape the world around us. Your world is you. The universe created you so that you could create new universes at your own discretion.

If you love, you will be surrounded by love. If you help others, then help will come to you when it is most needed. If you think well of people, they will not be able to think badly of you. All the secrets of the universe are contained within the depths of the human soul.

If jewellery could ever really translate the inner depths of a person into the outside world, it would be jewellery from the «Source of Life» collection. The ring’s unusual texture resembles the bark and leaves of an ancient, happy tree.

A question for you — when you loaded up this page, were you expecting to see just another ordinary ring? Another routinely manufactured piece? If so, we hope we have shattered your expectations, because this is no everyday ring. It is a smoky topaz framed by golden leaves. It is fine art that you can wear every day to delight both yourself and the world around you.

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