Source of life — silver chrysolite ring with white rhodium
SKU: 0958
SKU: 0958

Source of life — silver chrysolite ring with white rhodium

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Sterling silver
Chrysolite 8х6 mm
White rhodium
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Green is the colour of nature and life’s energy, and it is inherently associated with many things that are beneficial and vital to us: fruits and vegetables, herbs, trees, flowers.

When our eyes grow tired, we can look at the trees to find respite. When we are irritated, landscapes and green groves are the best tonics for our nerves. In psychology, green embodies carefree peace and the healing energy of life.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that life itself has been decorated with flora. We trust this colour, we are calm around it, we feel safe in its presence. Green radiates generosity and reliability, joy and quiet satisfaction with life.

The pale-green colour of peridot bears a striking resemblance to a natural floral pattern. It offers tranquillity for the soul and gives clear vision to the eyes. Poets refer to peridot as «the evening emerald» because of its soft and sunny colour. It is so mesmerizing that the stone itself seems to smell of dawn and spring grass.

We are sure that peridot jewellery can contribute to feelings of joy, peace and happiness. Nature has granted us many minutes in our lives as well as the opportunity to make of them what we will. She has invested her airiness and vigour in beautiful gems such as these.

A woman who wears peridots emanates springtime and happiness. A fire of light and warmth is born in her soul, and serenity sparks to life in her eyes. Happy people are liked by all because their happiness is not limited to one consciousness. It extends to others as well.

Offer yourself a drop of light green happiness along with a ring from our «Source of Life» collection.